The Best Basketball Ankle Braces of 2017

Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Protecting yourself while on the field playing basketball is vital. Most times players sustain injuries that could have been prevented. Having comfortable shoes will not protect you fully. The right protective gear will. Having the right basketball ankle brace is one way of protecting your ankle. Basketball is a rough sport. It requires a lot of running and jumping. With all these, you stand a high chance of getting hurt. Make sure you get yourself good braces.

What is a Basketball Ankle Brace?

Ankle braces tend to be used by players who have had an injury to their foot or ankle. Investing in the best basketball ankle support is very crucial for any player. The worst type of injury for a player is an ankle injury. They can nag for a long time if not well taken care of.  Braces can protect you from this. They protect the foot by applying pressure and keeping everything tight. In the case of an injury, one can still play with basketball ankle supports on. You no longer have to miss any game or practice. With very many products in the market, how do you ensure you get the best ones for your basketball games? Below, are a few factors to consider when buying them.

What to Look for in Basketball Ankle Braces

Ankle support products are very useful in the career of a basketball player. There are several models to choose from and factors to consider. First, for what purpose are you buying them for? Are you recovering from a foot or ankle injury? Do you see yourself as prone to getting an ankle injury? There are different braces meant for the two purposes mentioned. Braces come in different styles. Secondly, ankle stabilizers fall into two categories; ankle sleeves and ankle braces. Thirdly, consider consulting your professional doctor. They can advise on the perfect brand and style of ankle brace to buy depending on your physical need. Last but not least, you should consider the cost of the brand, material, and quality.

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Your Guide To Best Basketball Ankle Braces of 2017


This review focusses on the five best basketball ankle braces in the market today. Based on the factors listed above on what to look for, this list should help you decide on what to go for. Buying the best set for your purpose will save you a lot of headaches. You will no longer have to worry about your game quality. With the best ankle support, you will give nothing short of an A game.

5) Mueller Adjustment Ankle Support

The Mueller Adjustment Ankle Support is one of the most affordable. It’s lightweight and fits into most shoe styles. This gives you the comfort of wearing it with any shoe type. In addition, it can fit either the right or left foot. It has a seamless design that helps prevent irritation. The open heel allows your feet to fit in comfortably. Its sectional design minimizes slippage. This ensures a perfect fit on the ankle area.

4) Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

The Kunto product can be slipped into the foot without the need for straps. It applies even pressure across your ankle joint providing relief from previous injuries. This product not only offers stability for basketball players, but other players in other sports. The fabric weave provides a perfect fit around your joint. This allows you to benefit from the support without suffering from sleeves that are too tight. The ankle sleeves provide superior comfort without compromising mobility.

3) Adidas Adizero Ankle Brace

Adidas is a brand well known for quality. This particular Adidas model comes in five different sizes. It’s available for each foot separately. This brand comes in two different colors; black and white or gray and black. It is quite stylish and a bit pocket-friendly. As compared to many other products available, this product is light in weight.

2) McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace With Support Strap

This one of the best ankle braces for basketball players. It’s efficient for preventing or recovering from common ankle sprains. It comes in four different sizes which offer you the ultimate support needed. Made from nylon and vinyl fabric, it’s durable yet offers a lot of comforts. The ventilated tongue helps your ankle breathe when playing or practicing. Best of all, it’s fully adjustable without having to remove your shoe.

1) ASO Ankle Stabilizer

This model offers plenty of comfort and functionality. It can be worn on either foot. It comes with stabilizing straps that enable you to adjust the tightness level. The straps also offer protection and support. Its elastic cuff closure enhances support and keeps laces and stabilizing straps securely in place. This offers double protection from ankle injuries. Moreover, it comes in 8 different sizes. No matter your foot size, you are sure to find one that will fit perfectly.


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