Top 5 Best Basketball Shorts of 2017

Several factors come into play when you think about a game of basketball. It goes beyond the tall sweaty guys running on the basketball court trying to make a slam dunk. To play the sport, you need the right attire that will ensure you’re comfortable in the game. Nothing takes away one’s peace of mind like not being comfortable in what you’re dressed in. What makes it worse is having to run around with it while people cheer you on and your mind is not entirely in the game. Therefore, the right shorts will go a long way in giving you peace of mind. And you can give 100% to the game ahead of you.  Dress like a champion to feel like a champion.  Feel like a champion and play like a champion.

What’s Makes a Great Pair of Basketball Shorts?Basketball shorts review page

The right pair of shorts enable you to play comfortably. Basketball as a sport requires a lot of running, jumping and movement on the court. Old-school style basketball shorts started out short. Like, really short.  Sources say Michael Jordan inspired the longer shorts back in the day. With time, they became longer and baggier. With better fashion, the chances are slim that the current shorts will revert back to being short. Comfortable shorts will have a reasonable amount of inseam to allow for more room and easier movement on the court. The right shorts make it easier to jump, run and move around.

What to Look For in Cool Basketball Shorts?

Several factors come into play when thinking about the type of shorts to buy. Remember, many types of shorts available may not be ideal for basketball games. Designs today come in different colors, sizes, price, weight and material. As a player, you will need a pair that gives full support and comfort during games. Most important is the fabric used to make them. You will need one that is able to absorb the sweat from your body while playing. The weight of the short matters a lot. Lightweight uniforms mean comfort and flexibility. On the other hand, heavyweight shorts could mean lack of comfort and flexibility.

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Your Guide To Best Basketball Shorts of 2017


Whether you are shopping for baller shorts as an amateur or a professional, you have come to the right place. The market is saturated with player shorts from different manufacturers. This review will point out some of the best uniform shorts that you can invest in whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. This list explains why our picks for shorts for 2016 are a must have. With this review, it will be easier to decide to buy to suit your style and needs.  This list only has basketball shorts with pockets.

5) Champion Men’s Crossover Shorts 

If you have a tight budget, you can always start with Champion Men’s Crossover Shorts. They are affordable and are made of 100% Trilobial Polyester Stripe. These shorts are machine washable making your work much easier. Its availability in different colors means you can have one of these in your favorite color. They have an elastic waistband and an internal drawstring making it possible to adjust the fit. It has side pockets for storage which you can use to keep stuff like your car key.

4) Basically Any Jordan Brand Basketball Shorts 

The Jordan Brand has been in existence for years. It has some high quality designs that you can invest in. The shorts are 100% made from Polyester and are comfortable to wear. One of its outstanding features is the Dri-Fit fabric that keeps you dry and sweat-free as you play. The mesh fabric offers breathability. With two side pockets, you can keep your stuff as you play. All of the Jordan shorts are durable, making this baller gear long-lasting. The ability to machine wash them makes these shorts the perfect buy.

3) Nike Men’s Layup Basketball Shorts 

We all want shorts and pants that have drawcords that we can adjust when need be. The Nike Layup Shorts have an elastic waistband with an internal drawcord for a personalized, secure fit. The short is eleven inches long and falls on the knee. They are comfortable, and you can use them in your games without a worry in the world. The pinstripe design is knit into the fabric which is made of polyester. The Nike Layup Shorts have pockets on each side of the seam, providing sufficient storage. With an 11 inch seam, it provides coverage without limiting mobility.

2) Point 3 DRVY Baller 2.0 Men’s Dry Hand Zone Basketball Shorts 


Besides being lightweight, these shorts feature great colors and deep pockets. One of the greatest features of these is the patented DRYV Dry Hand Zone. They feel similar to a towel allowing you to keep your hands dry during a game. They are meant for players of all ages and skill level. You can now rely on these shorts to win that next game. The shorts have ventilated heat zones that keep you cool and dry. Its availability in 14 colors makes it one of our best picks for 2016.

1) Under Armour Mo’ Money Basketball Shorts 

These shorts come with deep mesh hand pockets that provide storage. The textured knit fabric is tough yet breathable. The toughness of the fabric guarantees the durability of these shorts. The side panels are designed with closed-hole mesh side panels for ventilation. Its moisture transport system absorbs sweat and dries quickly. These shorts have an enclosed elastic waistband with internal drawcords. Its fashionable design allows you to make a statement on and off the court.


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