What Are The Best Men’s Basketball Shoes on 2017?

Playing basketball well depends on several factors. You need the right equipment to train or play the sport. Otherwise, you would be unable to enjoy your time on the basketball court. It is important to understand the rules and concepts associated with this sport. Possessing the right skills is also very important. You should be able to pass, catch, dribble, cut, pivot, shoot, lay-up and screen the ball effectively to be considered a good player. The good news is that these skills are easy to learn. Equally important to your ability to play or train well is having the best shoes. You can always start with the best cheap basketball shoes before making your way up.

What Makes Basketball Shoes Different?

Basketball shoes are different from running shoes. In fact, they are different from shoes you put on when playing just about any other type of sport. Now, you can play basketball while wearing just about any type of shoe. It is possible to play this sport while wearing sneakers. However, you get better results when playing with the best shoes in the world for basketball that you can afford. The uppers, midsoles, and outsoles on the basketball shoes are different from what is on other types of shoes. Basketball shoes make it easier to move on the court or jump to make a shot or block an opponent from making a shot.

What to Look for

Choosing the best affordable basketball shoes depends on whether you know what to look for. First, your focus should be on the style. The durability of the shoes should not escape your attention. The materials used to make the shoes are worth considering before spending money on them. Check if the shoes are a good fit or not, as this could affect your ability to play basketball well or comfortably. As mentioned earlier, you must give special attention to the uppers, midsoles, and outsoles too. The shoes’ cushion determines whether you will be comfortable wearing them or not. Check the type and the size of the shoes’ body before considering pricing.

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Your Guide To Best Men’s Basketball Shoes on 2017


Based on the factors you should look out for when buying the best basketball shoes listed above, below is a list of some of the best in the market today. While it is true that the market is saturated with a huge selection of basketball shoes, this review should simplify your work and make it easier to choose what is best for you and your pocket. Selecting and buying the best shoes is an art that you can learn with time. This review looks at each shoe by focusing specifically on its strengths to guide you in making the best choice, especially if you have a tight budget but do not want to play basketball with the wrong shoes.

5) Nike Men’s LeBron XII Basketball Shoe

This meshed basketball shoe is available in different colors. The shoe packs ultra-responsive cushioning mainly because of the five Nike Zoom units that are clearly visible in the forefoot. With its mega fuse technology, the shoe is capable of locking your foot down to play a great game of basketball comfortably. The Ultralight Flywire cables on the shoe ensure that it loosens and tightens following the natural movement of each foot. It has a tab that is easy to pull on and off depending on your needs at any given moment. The shoe provides greater support when making sharp turns primarily because of its hyperposite wings.

4) Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier VIII Men’s Basketball Shoes

This synthetic shoe is one of the best basketball shoes for men. It is available in different colors and sizes. The shoe has rubber soles. It is a wonderful fit for people with thin feet. It is durable, and you can play basketball wearing it for a year or more. It has a pointed part right at the side which offers great support when you need to change direction suddenly. These shoes are great for people who are just starting to learn to play basketball. They are affordable enough and considered some of the best basketball shoes under 100. They are comfortable and wrap around the foot nicely to give you the confidence needed to play or train well.

3) AND1 Men’s Unbreakable Low Basketball Shoe (low top basketball shoe)

This synthetic/mesh shoe is one of the cheapest basketball shoes for men. It has an auxiliary option that is designed specifically for men who wish to take their basketball skills to the next level. The shoes are not only light but also responsive and made with low collar heights. Its no-sew construction is great at reducing the weight and pressure bearing down on the shoe. It offers one of the best seamless fits. With its laser-cut vents, the shoes guarantee you enhanced breathability. Enhanced rigidity coupled with linear acceleration is possible because of the shoe’s TPU shank that is molded using injection.

2) Jordan Melo M11 Xi 11 Men Basketball Sneakers

This Carmelo Anthony-inspired shoe is available in synthetic leather. Its rubber soles provide the cushion and comfort required to play basketball like a true professional. The synthetic leather on the shoes feels just fine on the feet irrespective of the weather or conditions that are present when playing or training. The soles and heels improve the level of comfort experienced on the basketball court. They provide stability, which is crucial when playing basketball – a sport that’s renowned for sudden moves and turns. Everything about these shoes is just great – including the color and style. It’s definitely worth buying.

1) Air Jordan 8 Retro “Three-Peat” Men’s Basketball Shoe

This is definitely one of the best new basketball shoes. It costs more compared to the other shoes listed in this review. Nonetheless, it is worth the money. The shoes are made using different types of materials such as mesh, rubber, polyester ammonia, and leather. They are among some of the best Jordan playoffs 8s ever made. The Velcro straps on these shoes add to the wonderful look and appearance that make them some of the most stylish. The solid rubber outsoles provide the much-needed superior grip on the surface of any type of a basketball court. The shoes are popular for making hoops as a newbie or a veteran.


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