The Best Portable Basketball Hoop Review of 2019

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As a kid, there isn’t anything much better than getting your first basketball hoop. I can remember being a kid and from the moment I got a basketball goal in my driveway, all I wanted to do was go out and play on it every day. That’s a feeling that hasn’t changed for many kids but today, there are so many options out there when it comes to choosing the right basketball hoop, especially one that is portable. Which is why we put together this review of which basketball hoop is the best when it comes to portable options in order to help you make the best selection as you look for the right goal for your individual needs. We tried and tested the top brands on the market and have narrowed it down to the top 5 currently on the market today. Below you will find our review of the best basketball hoops that are portable, each model we choose, why we choose it and more.

What To Look For In The Top Portable Basketball Hoop of 2019

There are a few things that you will need to consider before buying a basketball hoop that is portable. First, you need to consider the height adjustment mechanism. Will it allow you to adjust the hoop in case you are playing with kids? An adjustable hoop comes in handy when you want to play with people and young children. The backboard material and size is also of key importance. There are backboards designed for children, intermediate players, and aggressive players. Depending on your level, it would be good to keep this in mind when making your selection. There is also an advantage of having a mobile basketball hoop in that it is easy for you to move around. If you decide to move houses or towns, you can still carry it with you. Therefore, it is important to buy a quality, durable basketball hoop that will serve you for a long time.

Best Portable Basketball Goal Review of 2019

In the current day and age, the market is full of any product one is looking to purchase. This means that you, the consumer, have a lot of choices to consider when making a purchase. Whether you are looking at getting setup for competitive play or for fun, purchasing the best hoop can be a daunting task. Deciding on what brand to buy can be confusing and exhausting. We have made the work easier for you by reviewing the top five brands that you should have in mind when purchasing your basketball hoop. This list will guide you as to why you should consider one of these basketball hoops before making your purchase. The review is based on price, quality, and durability, among other features.

5) Lifetime 51544

This Lifetime Basketball Hoop is a perfect system for beginners, allowing endless opportunities to perfect your jump shots. With its shatterproof Fusion backboard, your practice with this basketball hoop will help you to quickly become a pro. The powder coated 3-inch steel pole makes your hoop suitable for all weather. Not only is this system portable, it also includes extra features include fade-resistant graphics and a five-year manufacturer warranty. With a base of 35 gallons, it is advisable to fill it with sand for more stability. The Lifetime Basketball System is our Budget Friendly choice for one of the best portable hoops systems.


4) Lifetime 90061

This portable basketball system has a Power Lift mechanism which is easily adjustable between 7.5 feet up to 10 feet. Its 54-inch Shatter Guard backboard is made of high-density polyethylene for durability and strength. The quality of this basketball hoop is top notch and is structured with a 35-gallon capacity that can be filled with sand or water. Not only designed to be portable, this hoop comes with an all-weather net and pole, and featuring fade resistant graphics, this basketball hoop system was made for years of ballin. 


3) Silverback NXT 54″ Backboard Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

The Silverback NXT 54” Basketball goal is a cleverly designed portable hoop system with some excellent features. With an adjustable height of between 7.5 to 10 feet, its 54-inch Infinity Edge Backboard increases your rebound action for continuous play. The Silverback can also be easily moved with the ErgoMove wheelbarrow design exclusive to this product in our list. Pre-Assembled parts make putting this hoop together a breeze, so you can start playing more quickly. Overall, this portable system has some really nice features, strength and durability included!


2) Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

Spalding, as a brand, produces mostly basketball equipment. It’s no wonder our list doesn’t miss one of their products. The Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System is available in a 54-inch acrylic backboard or a 60-inch acrylic backboard. Each portable hoop can hold up to 200 pounds of sand or 19 gallons of water. All of these hoops have an arena slam breakaway rim made of the heavy-duty steel frame. An extra nice feature of this hoop is the 20-degree angled pole for added play under the rim. 


1) Spalding NBA The Beast

This 60-inch glass backboard basketball goal takes the crown when it comes to portable hoops. The Beast comes with an adjustable height of between 7.5 feet to 10 feet. It comes with an 18-inch Pro Image breakaway rim that can handle your most aggressive dunk. The base has a 50+ gallon capacity, which fills with either water or sand for stability. However, it’s advisable to use water as it is easy to empty out. Despite its heaviness, it comes with two front wheels that help you to move it around. The hoop also has a two-piece, 5-inch square angled pole system equipped with a screw in the gauge base cap. The Beast, just as it’s named, is designed for a more advanced level of play and is more expensive. It will take you about 4-6 hours to assemble this basketball with the instructions on the manual. With this hoop, the NBA is in your backyard.


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