The Best Training Aids to Improve Your Basketball Skills in 2019

There is no shortage of activities you can do to improve your ballin’ skills. For example, doing as many dribbling exercises as you can think of is one way of achieving this goal. Learning the mechanics of shooting and improving your shooting accuracy will go a long way in ensuring that your ballin’ skills go a notch higher. Despite your best efforts, you may fail to achieve your goal if you do not invest in some of the best training aids. At times, it might be better to register for the best basketball training program that you can find locally. These efforts will not go to waste but help make you a better basketball player.

What Tools Can Help You Have Better Basketball Practice?

A training aid is any tool, equipment, program or trainer that helps you to be a better basketball player. Some people become better when trained by a professional and experienced trainer. Other people do not have time to learn from trainers but prefer self-training. As long as you have the best training aids, you can learn to play better basketball so substantially that your family and friends fail to recognize you. IN order to better your performance, you need different tools or training aids. A trainer is the best because of the personal training and involvement that he provides to you. Working with the best basketball trainers is one of the best things you will ever do to improve your skills.

What to Look for in Good Gear that Works

The most important factor that you should use when choosing training aids is your need. The skill that you seek to work on and improve the most should inform your choices. For example, the training aids you need to improve your dribbling, are different from what you will use to be a better shooter. Secondly, you should select training equipment based on your skill level. Some training aids are perfect for beginners who have never played basketball at all. Other training aids are solely for the experienced basketball players who wish to play at the highest level. The good news is that there is a training aid for each person.

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This is the most comprehensive vertical jump program on the market. If you want to jump as high as you possibly can then you need to work your core, flexibility, strength, and plyometrics. If you don’t train all four areas you will not be able to jump as high as you possibly can.

Your Guide To Best Training Aids


The following is a review of some of the best training aids for improving your basketball skills. The list features different types of equipment. Some of these aids will help you to perform the best basketball workouts. The list is not based on money or price alone. It is based on several factors, including the effectiveness of each piece of training aid in improving your skills. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the training aids listed here will not be of any help to you if you are unwilling to put in the required effort. It takes hard work to be a good basketball player with excellent skills.

5) SKLZ Control Training Basketball

Improving your control of the basketball is an essential skill for developing your game. The SKLZ Control Basketball is an excellent training tool that gives you three variations to work on handling the ball with ease. The Lightweight 22.25” ball will greatly improve dribbling skills, developing reflex and response time on the court. The undersized Official Weight ball allows you to focus more on drills and control, with a lighter feel to develop memory and focus. The muscle-building Heavyweight ball is regulation size, but a little harder to control as it weighs more, building up your strength as you practice. No matter what level you are currently training at, one of the three SKLZ Control Basketballs will definitely help you develop focus, strength, and skill as you improve your game on the court. 

4) New Speed and Agility Training Kit with Free Carry Bag and DVD | Agility Hurdles, Cones, Speed Ladder, Reaction Ball, Lateral Resistor | Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Hockey, MMA | Complete Multi Sports

No training aid is better for performing the best workouts for basketball players than this one. It helps you to work on your speed and agility, which are two of the most important skills needed to play basketball like a true professional. The training aid comes with a single instructional training DVD. In addition to this, it features one 6-sided reaction ball that will boost the speed at which you react when playing basketball. The five 8”-12” adjustable speed hurdles this training aid has will make you a more powerful and agile player. By using all the items featured in this kit, none of your friends will ever underrate you as a basketball player again.

3) FIGROL Vertical Bounce Trainer

Ready to improve the strength in your legs? The FIGROL Vertical Jump Trainer will give you an amazing workout to develop your lower and upper leg muscles, as well as increase your jump height to help you score big for your team. With the use of resistance bands attached to your waist and ankles, and up to 35 lbs of weight, this jump trainer improves strength and agility for on-court performance. Jump higher, jump farther, and play longer with the use of the FIGROL Vertical Jump Trainer.

2) Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)

One of the skills you need to master to be a better basketball player is rebounding. There is no better training aid in the market today than Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal to help you improve these skills. This piece of equipment sends balls coming at you at great speeds. Therefore, it is the best tool to help you learn to pass, shoot or trap the ball. The equipment is adjustable in seven different angles; thus, one of the best tools to use when you want to learn to play in multiple positions on the basketball court. It is possible to set this equipment up in 5 minutes. Professional players use this tool every day while training and working on their skills.

1) iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

Our top pick for a basketball shooting aid is unique in design and most effective in developing skills on the court. The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer is a cone-shaped netting device that fits on most home basketball hoop systems. Practicing your shots needs to remain consistent, and this shot trainer does the job for you by catching all of your practice throws, whether it’s in the basket or not. An interesting added feature to this design is that it forces you to shoot in an arc position over the netting and into the hoop, improving that nice swoosh tactic. And since you won’t have to be chasing the ball after every shot, you have more opportunities to develop your skill, impressing every player on the court.

Train Hard, Develop Skill, Play at Your Best

As a player, you are going to want to take every opportunity to develop your skills for competition on the court. Using one, or all, of these recommended training aids, will help you to develop strength and agility, giving you the edge as an effective team player. Whether for personal gains, or team improvement, training with these essentials will give take you and your team to the next level. Give yourself the opportunity to train harder, and showcase your skills!