The 5 Best Weighted Vests in 2019

Most athletes have the drive to improve their performance. Improving one’s performance isn’t an easy task that takes lots of patience, hard work, and determination.  Using vests that are weighted is one of the tools that athletes use to improve their performance. Vests that are weighted have become popular equipment in training. Most athletes use them to improve on their sprinting. Weight vests are an ideal way of improving your power and strength. Remember, becoming a better athlete requires a lot of dedication for you to be able to achieve your goal.

What are Heavy Vests?

Weighted vests are mostly used to increase the potency of a workout session. In addition, they help build muscle over time and increase calories burned. As suggested by their name; they are heavy vests. Vests that are weighted were mostly used in military training but have become a favorite for athletes. These vests allow for effective exercise in running, push-ups, and jogging. If done correctly, the use of this training aid can be very rewarding. On the other hand, if used wrongly, these vests can lead to injury. These vests work best when paired with plyometrics, cardiovascular and strength workouts. Using the vests as a strength training piece of equipment makes it easy to measure progress and are easy to employ.

What to Look for in the Right Weighted Vest for You

One key factor to always consider when buying any kind of product is your budget. With a set budget in mind and enough research, you will be able to purchase the best vests that will serve you for a long time. Another factor to consider is your fitness level. Are you ready to add weighted inserts to the vest during your training? Are you baller enough?  If your answer is affirmative, then you are ready to begin to shop around. You also need to look at the amount of weight you will put on the vests. Too much weight can make a huge difference in your workout. For first timers, it will take a bit of time getting used to it. Also, vests that are weighted are not cheap. You do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment you may end up not using. It’s advisable to look at these factors before making the investment.

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Your Guide To Best Weighted Vests in 2019

In this review, we look at some of the most popular weighted vests for training. This list looks at the best vests in the market and what makes them stand out. If you are looking to buy one, then you have come to the right place. As mentioned, you need to moderate the amount of weight you use with the vest. However, it’s worth mentioning that without putting in the required effort, this review will not be of help to you. We hope this list will help you reach a decision. One that will benefit you and improve your strength and endurance.

5) SKLZ Weighted Vest – Variable Weight Training Vest

This vest model comes with nylon and mesh design to allow for breathability. The Velcro belt adjusts to fit most athletes. With this in hand, you don’t need to worry about your size and whether it will fit. It has stretch pockets that allow for quick removal or addition of weighted inserts. It also has soft edges that offer extra comfort. If you are on a strict budget, this is your best choice, as it is cheaper compared to all other vests in this review list.

4) 30 LB V-Max – Basketball Weight Vest – Made in the USA

The 30 LB V-Max – Basketball Weight Vests are excellent for walking, running and body-weight workouts. It is rated as the number one weight vest in America for over 30 years now. It’s available in six different colors and comes in two sizes. This V-Max basketball training aid is made of nylon to ensure durability. These vests have fully reinforced pockets for the weighted inserts with adjustable straps.

3) Speed-vest Long Breathable 1-17 Lb. Athlete Training Weighted Vest

The RunFast weighted vest offers different levels of weight from 12 to 140 pounds, giving different options based on the amount of weighted inserts you would like to add to the vest for training. If you think you will be increasing the weight, start higher in pounds, as you can remove weight and add it back in as necessary (if you buy a low weight vest, you will only be able to fill up to the max weight it is designed for). Made of strong durable nylon material, the RunFast weighted vest is performance tested and results approved.

2) 40 LB V-Force – Basketball Weight Vest – Made in the USA

Offering adjustments from 40-150 lbs, the Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest gives the flexibility to add weight in 2.5-pound increments for gradual training increases. The adjustable belt is a great feature as your body changes due to the intense training of the weighted vest. Choosing a vest higher in weight will also change the length of the vest, which might determine a better fit. Training with the Cap Barbell Vest improves strength and endurance, speed and quickness and promotes healthy weight loss, all things to contribute to the positive development of your basketball skills!

1) 45 LB V-Force – Basketball Weight Vest – Made in the USA

The classic camouflage design of this vest is, in itself, the most distinguishable feature of this great product. With weight ranges from 20-120 pounds, you have the option to add or remove weighted inserts to these vests as necessary for your training. Ideal for cross-training and strength workouts, this vest will definitely help you reach your goals with improvement in skill and agility. With an impressive design fit for your torso, the Cross101 vests gives you evenly distributed weight for proper training and muscle development.

The Weighted Vest Advantage

Training with a weighted vest adds many benefits to your basketball game. Choosing the right vests that is weighted for your workouts and practice can improve your strength, help you to lose weight, and develop endurance on the court. As with other training aids, the weighted vest will help you to develop the skills you need to be a leader for your team. Improved muscle strength and reflex development are sure-fire ways to drive home the victory with enhanced skills and impressive gameplay.